Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of videos do you produce?
Please view our SERVICES page for a list. We are not restricted to these though. If it can be created, we can help.
What information do you need for a project?
The information we need varies from job to job but generally a good place to start is with dates, deadlines and any ideas you have for the creative. We’ll let you know what else we need when you get in touch.
Do you work with a team?
We often work with other industry professionals and have a pool of contacts we trust if we need extra “hands-on-deck” for the bigger jobs.
Do you travel?
Yes! Our passports are up to date and we love nothing more than a good adventure.
Travel within NZ is billed at a per kilometre rate based on IRD guidelines. We’ll give you a break-down of any travel costs in advance.
How long does it take?
This varies from job to job. We can work to your time frames (within reason) and if you are flexible we will dictate how long the job will take and set time frames and goals.
What format will I get the videos in?
We can accommodate most new-media formats from USB, DVD and BlueRay hard copies to digital format for web and online.
Do we get to keep any working files?
The short answer is no. We archive all working files for the duration of five years. After this time we will contact you about deletion or handover. You can request the working files but this will incur an extra cost.
Can we upload our video to our website?
Absolutely! We can assist in publishing your video so you can make the most of it online. We can either provide the hosting or help you with the embed code.